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Field test: daily contact lenses

Those of you who have come by the office to work with me have never seen me without a pair of glasses.  If there was reason for me to bring it up, you might have heard that I was an all-day-every-day contact lens wearer for about 15 years, but decided to stop while I was in optometry school.  Then, it was convenient to wear glasses when you had to regularly volunteer your eyes for your classmates to work on them.  Later, I realized that my eyes felt pretty dry even with the few newer brands of contact lenses that I was able to fit to my eyes, but they felt fine with glasses.

Yesterday, I took a nice day trip with my sister to Cedar Point.  We're roller coaster fans, but I really didn't have anywhere safe to stash my glasses on the rides (although now I know there are options!) so I decided to break out the daily disposable contacts and hope for the best!

I went with BioTrue daily disposables - you may be familiar with the nice multipurpose solution by the same name.  I knew these lenses fit comfortably, but I had never left them on long enough to see how they would do with minimizing the dry feeling of my eyes.  They performed wonderfully!  I was able to keep them on the whole day I was there without my eyes feeling dry, even though there was a nice breeze off of Lake Erie during part of the day.  They stayed in place and stayed moist even at the 90+ mph speeds on Millennium Force.

I was delighted with how they worked for me, and glad that I now have some real world evidence that these lenses could be a nice option for folks who, like me, have had trouble with dryness with their contact lenses.  There are some other newer lenses that I'm now interested in trying so I can pass the information along to you as well, although I don't think I'll be able to find a more fun place to test them out.  If you've got some dry eye issues like me, but would like to investigate some contact lens options like BioTrue daily disposables, please schedule an appointment and let me know.  I would have to order the trial lenses in for you, but I would be happy to do so - it is a wonderful thing to have the option to wear contact lenses comfortably again!


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