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Jennifer L. Weaver, O.D.

Welcome to Northeast Vision Services!  Our optometry practice was established in 1970, and has maintained a tradition of providing quality full-scope vision and eye health care to area residents.

Happy 4th of July

Northeast Vision Services will be closed on Monday, July 3 and Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.  We wish you a safe and fun-filled holiday and look forward to seeing you again on the 5th!

For Monday, March 20

We will be out of the office for continuing education, and will be back in the office on Tuesday, March 21 for regular business hours.  We apologize for any inconvenience while we are making sure we stay on the leading edge of treatments and techniques to best meet your vision and eye health needs!

Phone number

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience: there are currently technical issues with our telephone service.  A technician will be out to address them first thing in the morning on 10/18/16.  

If you need to reach the office for urgent needs, please call 614-266-4381.  Otherwise, please try us at our usual number tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience as we address this issue!

What's new? A lot is new!

There hasn't been a "What's New" in a long time - it's time to change that.  There are many new and wonderful things at Northeast Vision Services in 2016, and more good things for you on the way.

The biggest change is that Dr. Jennifer Weaver has become a part of the office.  It's been a delight to have Dr. Weaver here, and together she and I aim to bring you an enhanced and excellent experience for your eye care.

We've transitioned into electronic health records.  In the long run, it makes things better for your experience (and for ours at the office!), but it does mean a little short-term work on your end with updates to demographics paperwork.  Watch soon for links on the website so you can access this form and have it filled out prior to your exam.

There are new offerings for glasses features, and we will be having packages and deals through the year so that it makes it more affordable to get the features or products you want and need.  Right now, our big sale is Ray-Ban sunglasses (prescription and off-the-rack), so come check out our selection through the end of the year.

Look for more new things with contact lenses, too, and not just in terms of the actual lenses!  We've partnered with a contact lens distributor who can more easily provide shipping options to your home or workplace for your supply of contact lenses, and at no additional cost to you.  We still provide a small discount for a year's supply of contact lenses, and we have more rebates available than ever before.  This distributor also has an option so that you can place your order for your contact lenses right here on our website - we are looking to add this soon for your convenience!

Thank you for making yourselves a part of our practice.  Dr. Weaver and I, and the rest of our great staff, are looking forward to making Northeast Vision Services an even better place for you to meet your eye health and vision needs - we'll see you soon!

Memorial Day

Northeast Vision Services will be closed Saturday the 23rd and Monday the 25th in observance of Memorial Day.

We will be back in the office next Tuesday, ready to help you look and see your best for summer!  If you have an eye emergency over the weekend, please call the office at 882-9131 to get the number to reach Dr. Ballard.

Around Christmas

We at Northeast Vision Services will be spending some time with our families at Christmas time.  We will be back in the office on Monday, December 29th at 8:00 a.m.

If any eye emergencies arise before then, please call our office to get contact information for Dr. Ballard.

We wish you a lovely time over the next few days, and look forward to seeing you before the end of the year!

Introducing Wiley X

Northeast Vision Services is proud to count Wiley X as a collection for our patients!  Wiley X is an excellent sunglass line combining an emphasis on safety and high performance with a sporty look.

I thought the timing in which we got this line - the week we honor Veterans Day - was really appropriate.  Wiley X was founded over 25 years ago by veterans, and this company has always made products that would meet the needs of those serving in the military.  This company designs frames that meet ANSI standards for folks who need safety glasses at work.  The sunglasses are an excellent choice for keeping eyes safe and vision comfortable during all sorts of outdoor activities, too.

Some of the frames come with a soft facial cavity seal that can be added or removed as needed, which is great for blocking debris, or for keeping the eyes from drying out when there is a lot of air flow.  Nearly all Wiley X frames have the capability to be made with prescription lenses, and many have options for what color lens you may choose.  We have a selection of the frames in-office, so you can try some on; however, you aren't limited to just the ones we have!  You can visit to see all their offerings, or you can browse their catalogue at our office, and we can order in any of the frames.

With this excellent safety profile and good looks, Wiley X frames are sure to meet the needs of many people.  They use the phrase "for work, for play, for life" when they describe their frame line - I think their frame line truly meets that philosophy!

For those of us who spend time looking at screens...

I'm a proponent of natural or systemic things that I can do to take care of myself and my patients, so I'll introduce some things that have caught my interest.

I've been excited to see new things coming out to protect eyes from the high energy visible blue light rays that can cause stresses, damage, and death to retinal cells.  We get exposed to a lot of this light from our phone, tablet, and computer screens each day.  Our cool overhead lights are strong in the blue light range of the spectrum, too.

A new and easy way to help protect eyes from those rays specifically, while still allowing in needed and healthy wavelengths of blue light, is to add Crizal Prevencia antireflective coating to lenses.  This product was recently featured in some television segments in order to help get the word out about how this coating works.

If you missed the segments, you can learn more about Prevencia at

As we head toward the end of the year...

Saturday appointment times are filling up fast for the remainder of the year!  Appointment spots for November and December will start filling up quickly, too.  If you know you need to come in for an exam or to look at glasses so that you can use your flex benefits or health savings account prior to the end of the year, please call and schedule soon so you can be sure to get in to see us at a time that is convenient for you!

School days

Now that school has been in full swing for a while, it is a great time to check in with your children on how their eyes are performing.  Can they see the board?  Can they read comfortably for as long as they need to?  Did vision screenings happen at school?  If there are any concerns, or if your child brought home a report from the school screenings recommending a full eye exam, please schedule an appointment!  School screenings are excellent for picking up basic problems, but they don't replace the full vision, binocular vision, and ocular health check that your child can get at his or her complete eye exam!

Field test: daily contact lenses

Those of you who have come by the office to work with me have never seen me without a pair of glasses.  If there was reason for me to bring it up, you might have heard that I was an all-day-every-day contact lens wearer for about 15 years, but decided to stop while I was in optometry school.  Then, it was convenient to wear glasses when you had to regularly volunteer your eyes for your classmates to work on them.  Later, I realized that my eyes felt pretty dry even with the few newer brands of contact lenses that I was able to fit to my eyes, but they felt fine with glasses.

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Updated office hours

Beginning the week of August 11, 2014, Northeast Vision Services will have a few changes to office hours.

With Dr. Jozwiak making his retirement official as of last week, our office will now be closed on Thursdays.

We are pleased to add hours on Friday from 10 until 2, with exam times available through the lunch hour!

All other office hours will remain the same.  Please visit our "Location and hours" page for a full listing of times!

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