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Jennifer L. Weaver, O.D.

Welcome to Northeast Vision Services!  Our optometry practice was established in 1970, and has maintained a tradition of providing quality full-scope vision and eye health care to area residents.

Introducing Wiley X

Northeast Vision Services is proud to count Wiley X as a collection for our patients!  Wiley X is an excellent sunglass line combining an emphasis on safety and high performance with a sporty look.

I thought the timing in which we got this line - the week we honor Veterans Day - was really appropriate.  Wiley X was founded over 25 years ago by veterans, and this company has always made products that would meet the needs of those serving in the military.  This company designs frames that meet ANSI standards for folks who need safety glasses at work.  The sunglasses are an excellent choice for keeping eyes safe and vision comfortable during all sorts of outdoor activities, too.

Some of the frames come with a soft facial cavity seal that can be added or removed as needed, which is great for blocking debris, or for keeping the eyes from drying out when there is a lot of air flow.  Nearly all Wiley X frames have the capability to be made with prescription lenses, and many have options for what color lens you may choose.  We have a selection of the frames in-office, so you can try some on; however, you aren't limited to just the ones we have!  You can visit to see all their offerings, or you can browse their catalogue at our office, and we can order in any of the frames.

With this excellent safety profile and good looks, Wiley X frames are sure to meet the needs of many people.  They use the phrase "for work, for play, for life" when they describe their frame line - I think their frame line truly meets that philosophy!

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