Northeast Vision Services

Jennifer L. Weaver, O.D.

Welcome to Northeast Vision Services!  Our optometry practice was established in 1970, and has maintained a tradition of providing quality full-scope vision and eye health care to area residents.

For those of us who spend time looking at screens...

I'm a proponent of natural or systemic things that I can do to take care of myself and my patients, so I'll introduce some things that have caught my interest.

I've been excited to see new things coming out to protect eyes from the high energy visible blue light rays that can cause stresses, damage, and death to retinal cells.  We get exposed to a lot of this light from our phone, tablet, and computer screens each day.  Our cool overhead lights are strong in the blue light range of the spectrum, too.

A new and easy way to help protect eyes from those rays specifically, while still allowing in needed and healthy wavelengths of blue light, is to add Crizal Prevencia antireflective coating to lenses.  This product was recently featured in some television segments in order to help get the word out about how this coating works.

If you missed the segments, you can learn more about Prevencia at

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