Northeast Vision Services

Jennifer L. Weaver, O.D.

Welcome to Northeast Vision Services!  Our optometry practice was established in 1970, and has maintained a tradition of providing quality full-scope vision and eye health care to area residents.

What's new? A lot is new!

There hasn't been a "What's New" in a long time - it's time to change that.  There are many new and wonderful things at Northeast Vision Services in 2016, and more good things for you on the way.

The biggest change is that Dr. Jennifer Weaver has become a part of the office.  It's been a delight to have Dr. Weaver here, and together she and I aim to bring you an enhanced and excellent experience for your eye care.

We've transitioned into electronic health records.  In the long run, it makes things better for your experience (and for ours at the office!), but it does mean a little short-term work on your end with updates to demographics paperwork.  Watch soon for links on the website so you can access this form and have it filled out prior to your exam.

There are new offerings for glasses features, and we will be having packages and deals through the year so that it makes it more affordable to get the features or products you want and need.  Right now, our big sale is Ray-Ban sunglasses (prescription and off-the-rack), so come check out our selection through the end of the year.

Look for more new things with contact lenses, too, and not just in terms of the actual lenses!  We've partnered with a contact lens distributor who can more easily provide shipping options to your home or workplace for your supply of contact lenses, and at no additional cost to you.  We still provide a small discount for a year's supply of contact lenses, and we have more rebates available than ever before.  This distributor also has an option so that you can place your order for your contact lenses right here on our website - we are looking to add this soon for your convenience!

Thank you for making yourselves a part of our practice.  Dr. Weaver and I, and the rest of our great staff, are looking forward to making Northeast Vision Services an even better place for you to meet your eye health and vision needs - we'll see you soon!

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